Admission Open for 2023-2024 & 2024-2025

Dear Aspirant to Higher Education,

Thank you for choosing  Gurukul Edutech Education & Research Foundation as an institution of your choice for pursuing higher education. The institute  is driven by  the  Gurukul parampara , where the epoch making successes of the Gurus in creating new paradigms for manifestation of perfection, of chartering new paths and freeing the mind of dogmatic shackles, serve as the guiding spirit for the vision and mission of this Institution.

The Institute launches its students on an exciting journey of discovery of the world outside mixed with soul searching and the potential within as it believes Education is manifestation of perfection already in man. It is a veritable hub for total personality development. The Institute is fortunate to have an academically sound and committed and very experienced faculty team from leading Universities and Industries , who impart education in classroom and in lab and field and always try to make better human beings .

Seminars, summer workshops and add on courses , soft skill trainings , Live Industrial Training serve to open new windows beyond the curriculum, through interface with other experts in academia and the industry .

We aim to kindle in our youth a passion for research, innovation and creativity. Professional training is imparted in the areas of sports and performing arts, personality development to bring out holistic development of students .

The Institute has an excellent infrastructure that includes Smart Classrooms furnished with state of the art projection systems with audio-visual gadgets, computer laboratories, State of the art subject wise Wet laboratories equipped with most modern machinaries, internet, a library with computerized catalogue and issue systems, Aquaculture & Fishery Unit ,Vermicomposting Unit , Medicinal Plant Garden , Lash and Vast Agriculture field,   Emu Rearing Unit , Goat Rearing Unit , Poultry , Duck Rearing Unit , Cage Aquaculture System , Green House , Poly House and Shade Net , Sprinkler and Drip Irrigation System , Fertigation system , a seminar hall, research wing . Other amenities include “Retreat” (the students’ common room), a cafeteria, and an impressively vast sports field, among others.

Extremely courteous and helpful administrative staffs are always available to guide the students through all procedural formalities. The college is having a robust Training and Placement Cell ensuring students livelihood after completion of course .

It is the constant endeavour of the college community to help its students acquire a cutting edge advantage in whatever path they choose to pursue.

I hope you will be among the privileged to be our fellow traveler in our journey of discovery and capacity building.

I extend my best wishes to you for fulfilling your aspirations.

Dr.Jnanendra Narayan Sengupta

Chairman and Director