Admission Open for 2023-2024 & 2024-2025

Course Recognised & Approved by : CCAE , Vidyasagar University

About the Course: Forensic Science & Criminology are scientific applications which help in analysis and investigation of the cause, pattern, nature of crime and above all to control of crime through crime investigation and crime diagnosis

As the nature and type of crime increases, so does the importance of trained professionals in Forensic science & Criminology is evolving. Concepts related to Finger Printing Analysis, Handwriting Analysis, Firearms, Ballistics, Explosives, DNA forensics, criminal profiling, crime scene analysis, cyber forensics, digital forensics, forensic auditing, and forensic psychology, forensic nursing is increasing day by day. Job opportunities are increasing many fold both in Government and Private sectors.

The 06 Months  , ‘‘Certificate course on Forensic Science & Criminology ” approved , recognised and certified by Vidyasagar University ( A State Government University under Govt. of West Bengal )  is a uniquely-designed programme which provides participants in-depth knowledge of managerial and technical skills, effective budgeting and cost control, know the analytical and technical procedure and legal compliance associated with knowledge of both Forensic Science & Criminology along with technocratic & Scientific knowledge and applications , and associated need based global and local level policy framework in the field  This course provides participants with an interdisciplinary understanding of current practices and current issues in Forensic Science & Criminology along with the science that makes it work. Participants who earn the Certificate in Forensic Science & Criminology   may take these skills into all industries and agencies involved in the Forensic Science & Criminology and also start their own entrepreneurship activities or upgrade their existing qualification. This program is also ideal for fresher looking for a gainful employment, professionals engaged in a associated domains as well as others interested in implementing latest technologies in Forensic Science & Criminology for their organisations, communities and society as a whole

Facilities Available :

Lash and Green Ecospheric College Campus and Centrally located City Campus

o Best Faculty Team of Professors from Universities and Research Institutions and Industries and Experts from foreign Universities as Faculty

o Along with Offline , Online Class Facility

o Live Industrial Exposure Visit and Hands on Training in Industry and Higher Academic Research Institutions as part of course for gaining better knowledge and for better placement

o Industrial interactive sessions with HR and Technocrats at institute

o Smart Classrooms furnished with state of the art projection systems with audio-visual gadgets

o State of the art subject wise laboratories with most modern machineries

o Wi-Fi & internet enabled campus

o CCTV enabled campus for better protection

o Library with computerised catalogue and issue systems

o Research & Development wing

o Robust & Dynamic Training and Placement Cell ensuring students livelihood after completion of course  and 100 % Placement support.

o Extremely courteous and helpful administrative staffs

o Other amenities include “Retreat” , a cafeteria, and an impressive indoor and outdoor sports field.

o All over the world accepted State Govt. University ( Vidyasagar University, West Bengal )  Certification

Eligibility for Admission: 10+2 onwards

Duration of the Course: 06 Months

Certification: Vidyasagar University